Our vision is to create a thriving ecosystem to provide an enriching experience to Merchants, Consumers and Developers.

Shopwave is an e-commerce platform which includes payments, loyalty, point of sale and coupons all which services are available through our API. Developers can feel free and leverage the API to create intuitive and engaging applications. We have great expectation that these applications will leave the merchants equipped with an arsenal of business strategies and help consumers get great deals.

We know Developers hold the power to create wonders these days, and we acknowledge that and hence all efforts put in by Developers will be highly regarded and will be experienced by millions of users.

We have a comprehensive list of endpoints to help you develop the next big thing.

Root Nodes

Endpoints Details
/status Helps you to get shopwave api server health and server timestamp.
/application Helps you create an app identifier and secret, get your app details and delete any unwanted apps.
/basket Helps you create, get and delete baskets, basket products, attach promotions to a basket. If merchants stocks management is enabled, an automatic stock recalculations will happen in the background.
/category Create, update, get and delete a merchant's categories.
/invoice Merchants' wants to store all there expenses. This invoice endpoint can be used exactly for this purpose. You can also add product stock invoices which will recalculate the stocks for the products.
/log Log is our big data storage API. You can make use of it for all your application log.
/merchant Allows you to get, create, update and delete your merchant information. Remember merchant is the root of all information about that merchant. Deleting a merchant may cause loosing sales, products, promotion data for that
/product Allows you to get, create, update and delete your products. We have a comprehensive query platform for our product.
/promotion Allows you to get, create, update and delete promotions and generate promotion code. Promotion can be product, category or basket based.
/report Get report objects, which aggregates basket, transaction, and product data for all completed baskets in a given timeframe.
/stock/reconcile Allows you to post us the stock discrepancies when you do a stock take. This will recalculate the stock.
/store Allows you to get, create, update and delete store information. With store endpoint you can not only store address, but latitude and longitude for that location. Which is helpful for all your location based apps.
/supplier Allows you to get, create, update and delete supplier information. With suppliers you can keep all your contacts in one place.
/supplier/store Allows you to get, create, update and delete supplier store information. This is also a location based storage.
/transaction Helps you create, get and delete transactions.
/uploader Allows you to put a media file which then gets stored in our CDN. Returns with a filename and URL.
/user Allows you to get your user information and invite other users for your channel.