Invoice GET

An invoice is primarily a merchant object, which represents a collection of items purchased by that merchant.

This API GET call allows you to retrieve each of these invoice objects with full detail.

The endpoint you need to use for this is:




Key Details Example
Authorization* {token_type} {access_token} Bearer c3499c2729730a7f807efb8676a92dcb6f8a3f8f
Method* GET N/A
x-accept-version {recommended_latest_version_number} 1
storeIds {storeIds} 53,54,55
invoiceId {invoiceId} 567,5678,56789

* Required header



Key Details Data Type Example
statusCode Very important to check this for shopwave server uptime. 200 for success. int 200


Key Details Data Type
invoices[{invoieId}].id Unique Invoice Id Int
invoices[{invoieId}].supplierId Supplier Id Int
invoices[{invoieId}].supplierId Supplier Name String
invoices[{invoieId}].storeId Merchant Store Id Int
invoices[{invoieId}].supplierStoreId Supplier Store Id Int
invoices[{invoieId}].reference Supplier Invoice Reference String
invoices[{invoieId}].addedDate Invoice Added Date Date
invoices[{invoieId}].completeDate Supplier Invoice Date Date
invoices[{invoieId}].note Supplier Invoice Note String
invoices[{invoieId}].totalQuantity Total Invoice Item Quantity Int
invoices[{invoieId}].totalPrice Total Invoice Price String
invoices[{invoieId}].totalVat Total Invoice Vat Amount String
invoices[{invoieId}].totalIncVat Total Invoice Inc Vat String
invoices[{invoieId}].accountId Invoice Account Ids Array


Status Codes


Please check the live API calls for more details on the API messages.

ID Status Code Title Details
908 401 Expired Token Token expired or invalid. Please renew your token
911 401 Authorization Header Invalid The authorization header is invalid. The correct format is Authorization: {token_type} {accessToken}
912 403 Resource Not Allowed For Specified User The user does not own this resource and its forbidden
899 500 Unknown Error Something went wrong. Please contact the site administrator
917 500 Internal Server Error Something went wrong.


Please check the live API calls for more details on the API messages.

ID Status Code Title Details
203 200 Request Processed Successfully The request has been successfully completed.
204 204 No content to return End of the page or no content to return for your request
202 200 Token is valid Token is validated and found valid.